Physician Locator


It is important to choose a doctor who has experience treating spinal stenosis like yours.  We can help you find a doctor who is trained in spinal stenosis procedures using the Vertiflex Superion Indirect Decompression System.

Doctors listed on the Vertiflex “Find a Doctor” are licensed medical professionals who provide independent medical advice and services.  These individuals have successfully completed the training course offered by Vertiflex, which is necessary to begin treating patients with the Superion Indirect Decompression System.  Each medical professional is considered an active doctor, meaning they have completed at least one Superion case in the last six months.  These doctors are not employed by Vertiflex and have not paid a fee to be listed.

The order of appearance of each doctor in this Find a Doctor feature is based solely on their location within your area code, with the closest doctor near you listed first.

The information provided by each doctor is not reviewed by Vertiflex for accuracy or completeness.  It is your responsibility to independently determine if a particular doctor is right for you.  Please ask each doctor you are considering about their experience with the Superion Decompression System.  Vertiflex makes no guarantee or assurance of any particular treatment outcome or that you will be eligible for a treatment involving the Superion Decompression System.  Only a licensed physician who has successfully completed training in the Superion Decompression System is qualified to determine if this treatment is right for you.